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Terms – Conditions

As you shop on the Jet Sites, our dynamic pricing engine may increase or decrease the prices of items in your cart, and/or the savings applied to the items in your cart. You must review your entire final order, including your cart savings, total purchase price, and each individual item price, before submitting your final purchase request at checkout.

Pricing errors, out-of-stock and other errors occasionally occur on the Jet Sites. We reserve the right to cancel any orders containing pricing errors, out of stock errors or other errors at any time without further obligation to you, including after you have received a confirmation of your order. Should this happen with your order, we’re very sorry for the inconvenience. Please contact us so we can try to figure out what happened and do our best to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

In addition, if any item you request becomes unavailable on the Jet Sites, we may cancel your order or – alternatively – instead of canceling your order, we may, at our discretion, purchase and/or have fulfilled the unavailable item(s) on your behalf from third parties. If we do this, of course we’ll only charge you the price quoted in your Jet purchase order.


Items sold on the Jet Sites may be subject to tax. Prior to submitting your purchase request, you will see an estimate of the tax to be collected on your order. This tax amount will depend on various factors, including the items purchased, the shipment destination, and the identity of the seller(s).

Unless specifically indicated on the checkout page, Jet is the seller of items purchased on the Jet Sites. Any applicable tax on those items will be applied to the item price you pay for taxable items, less any savings amounts.

If Jet is not the seller of your items, items will be subject to tax based on the sales tax collection obligations of the seller. Applicable tax on such orders will be applied to the item price indicated by the seller. For these items, savings amounts will not always reduce the price at which tax is charged.

Title and Risk of Loss

Title to the items purchased by you on the Jet Sites (and the related risk of loss on these items) passes to you upon delivery of the items to the common carrier used by Jet.

Returns and Refunds

Returns and refunds are available only as described in our Returns/Refund policy. While Jet will strive to provide returns and refunds, excessive or abusive returns or attempted returns will void our Returns/Refund policy and any guarantees on future orders.

Credits and JetCash

Your account may contain Credits and/or JetCash – both of these can be used for payment of an eligible purchase made on the Jet Sites. Unless expressly stated otherwise, unused JetCash expires after twelve months of account inactivity. You can learn more about Credits and JetCash here.